Questions while applying for a job

#Companies have their own methods of recruiting the right people and yet, in my opinion, certain methods may not be very conducive.

I know for one as I’m actively looking out for the right role.

What I see during the process is a stepping stone for bias.

While applying, I see there are several drop-downs that are generally seen on company websites these days – marital status, #gender#orientation#disability and veteran status being the common ones.

While I’m a whole and soul believer in #inclusiveness at the #workplace, this method during job application makes me uncomfortable as I feel it lays the foundation for #bias.

Similarly, it could also be uncomfortable for other candidates as well to mention their gender and orientation especially because on one side, we as #allies talk about not asking people these personal questions unless they wish to declare on their own and on the other hand it is asked during job application stage itself.

Although one can mention ‘Prefer not to mention’ in the drop-down, wouldn’t it also drive home the point that the candidate wishes the question itself wouldn’t come up in the first place??

I would really love to hear more about this especially from companies, #jobseekers and actually, everybody.

#letmelisten #hr #inclusion #dei

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