Best Seller in 6 categories globally!

And we are happy to announce that our book, '9 WELLNESS HACKS' has successfully completed one month on 23rd March 2021 🎉❤️📙 Thankful & #grateful to all that's come by. In the first 15 days of launch we saw our book become Amazon best seller in a couple of categories globally 🙏🏼 It still is ranking under... Continue Reading →

Memoir – My dad, my Superhero!

#happyfathersday About two months before I lost my #dad I had this great urge to write a #poem. It was a gnawing feeling inside. I titled my poem, ‘My dad my #Superhero!’Every time I felt like writing, I was in tears. I couldn’t go past the title. Little did I know I would lose him shortly. After a year... Continue Reading →

The wonderful world of books!

Ever since I was a high school kid, I’ve wanted to write a book. Let me admit here that I’ve always been a clumsy, messy, weird and crazy person. I still am! So as a teenager I envisioned myself writing my autobiography at 60 and call it ‘Me & my great brain!’ with the tagline... Continue Reading →

Memoir cover launch

July 01, 2020 The #book is almost ready, are you? Dear All,As I launch this #memoir of mine titled, ‘A DAUGHTER’S FIRST #LOVE: #DAD‘ on my father birthday, I have an overwhelming sense of #happiness and #pride that fills me up. I am ever so #grateful for all those who stood by me on this journey and those who shared their #stories with me. I feel #blessed. Thank you! It... Continue Reading →

Book stats and profound happenings

55 days, 78 interviews, 46759 #words, choosing between 3 editors, 2 publishing agency rejections, endless hours of writing, numerous texts, WhatsApp messages, in-person meetings, videos, phone calls, audio messages, and emails later a #Memoir of 176 pages is conceived in 69 days. Phew! I almost feel like I have my second child now. Getting into the #flow and staying there... Continue Reading →

Cover page design

#coverdesign #coverpage #letmelisten Here’s the cover page! This #book is for all those who knew him and wish to know him better and also for all those who didn’t know him and would like to know him now through the book. The book is also for all those who would like to learn about how an ordinary man lived... Continue Reading →

Virtual book launch

Do you believe in #miracles? Well, I do. The #author copies of my #book which were to arrive on August 3rd arrived some time ago, just in time for tomorrow’s book launch. Yes. My #Memoir, ‘A Daughter’s First Love: Dad’ will be launched tomorrow, August 1st at 9AM IST. I’m #grateful for all the guidance, strength and courage I’ve received from the higher... Continue Reading →

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