URJA Launch

#URJA is a 5 day #campaign I intend to launch with the idea of 1. Helping you uncover yourself2. Declutter your mind3. Unentangle from your limiting beliefs This 5 day campaign will #empower you to step into your innate power and become more self aware in the process. #letmelisten#selfawareness#awareness#life#wellbeing#abundance

Shadow and Light

Where there is #light, there is a #shadow. Period. We all have our own light. The light that guides us is within us as well. The same way, we all have a darker side too. The shadow. This shadow is as much a part of us as the light is. We have nothing to fear and nothing... Continue Reading →


A dear friend recently asked me a question that made me travel deep inside. It was about the connection between our Mind, Body and Soul. When I delved upon it, I could gather insights through reflection. Per the Upanishads – Our mind is finite. Our body is also finite. Whereas, our soul is infinite. The... Continue Reading →

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