A dear friend recently asked me a question that made me travel deep inside. It was about the connection between our Mind, Body and Soul. When I delved upon it, I could gather insights through reflection. Per the Upanishads – Our mind is finite. Our body is also finite. Whereas, our soul is infinite. The... Continue Reading →

Who am I really?

Of late, I’m getting messages from many sides which is in sync with my inner voices. The Q&A sessions they have are astounding – questions my inner voices have and the profound messages I receive. Funny at times. What a blissful feeling that! I got into a state of flow recently and then I found... Continue Reading →

At the end of the day

At the end of the day all that matters is; here are my 10 points:1. How you behave when you have everything.2. How you behave when you have nothing.3. How well you handle ups and downs – the lessons of life.4. How you treat all beings you come across.5. How strong you are and how... Continue Reading →

I am open to abundance

Be open to receiving. The moment we are open to receiving, we open up channels of communications hitherto unknown. It could be through #people, #books, #innervoices, #messages; from all places that you can think of! (Or not think of too 🌌) #letmelisten #spiritualmaintenance

If you can't go out, go within

From time immemorial we have lived in tribes. That's how we've evolved. That's who we are! We are now at a juncture in life where a social being is asked to stay indoors. How did we arrive at this kind of a situation is a totally different discussion altogether. And yet, we are here. And... Continue Reading →

Purpose of life

I'm sure there will be a point in time in everybody's life when the question of purpose of life comes up. I have been through that phase and I can tell you that this question goes deep - it rattles the mind and shakes the very soul. I believe I have figured out mine. So... Continue Reading →

Feed your soul

It is enchanting to know how our physical self is linked to the spiritual self through an ‘entity’, if I may call, the soul.This ‘soul’ forms an internal part of any being. I’m sure most agree that souls transcend physical bodies for various periods of time in various forms. I opine, it’s meant for a... Continue Reading →

You are alive

You are alive; So long as you have the glint in your eye. You are alive; So long as you have the warmth in your touch. You are alive; So long as you have a smile on your face. You are alive; So long as you have compassion in your actions. You are alive; So... Continue Reading →

The stillness in me

Mind waters; Mind wanders.It has been stirred; stirred so deepThe ripples don’t seem to stop.New scatterings, new settlements, new hues;Bringing in fresh perspectives, fresh choices, fresh flavours.But I long for the waters to be stillWish for the Universe to cause an effect to calm it.A stillness.To show my true reflection in it.

One with the whole

And there I was, floating in the great cosmic ocean, So vast and deep and boundless. Immersed as I am in this magical potion, For, the names you have are but countless. Everywhere I look, there is cosmic dance; In sync and all too mesmeric. Drifting away in my bubble into a deep trance, Knowledge... Continue Reading →

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