Work-Life learning

You know, there's a thin line between professional and personal lives. Both are interdependent and linked. We have the potential to learn from our personal lives and apply that knowledge in our professional World and vice versa. Have you ever wondered that our family acts as a team. A team that has a collective set... Continue Reading →

Career growth

As I see it, there are two types of #career growth. And, I like to call them - Vertical & Horizontal. By Vertical, I mean those people who grow by being in the same #domain for years, some even becoming SMEs in the process. They might upskill themselves in Tech or domain knowledge. They could perhaps have great industry... Continue Reading →

Featured: 1 of Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers – Future of Work

Humbled yet again 🌌🙏🏼 Thinkers360 has ranked me one among 50 top thought leaders in the Future of Work category 🙏🏼#Grateful. Thank you! I consider it a privilege to be featured with other global leaders in this domain. Congratulations to the other Thought Leaders. Here's the post: #futureofwork#corporateworkplace#hr#letmelisten#thoughtleadership#womenleadership

5 ways of becoming more efficient

Do you often get into the zone - So much to do, so little time? I was a frequent visitor there. Not anymore. I learnt what was holding me back from achieving what I could. Here's a 5 point approach that I followed that helped me on my path: Self-awareness - Be aware of your... Continue Reading →


WOMAN We have been slighted, our dreams curbed. Our morale is rendered low & vision blurred. Our progress shunted, growth denied/delayed. Oh! The numerous games people have played. The times we have been called names, used & abused. Our power and shine they seem to have reduced. What we can or cannot do, we've been... Continue Reading →

Creating a leadership vision

What it takes to be a great leader, you may ask. Here's something I found interesting - 'Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult'. When we ponder on what it takes to guide a group of people to grow great heights, together; we... Continue Reading →

Charting your growth

Personal development is an essential goal to have; but we fail to give it as much importance as it needs. While it is often seen as an additional task, little do many understand that it is crucial for growth. With growth comes great responsibility and vice versa. Therefore, it is but vital to shoulder responsibilities... Continue Reading →

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