Featured: 1 of 100 LinkedIn Persons of the Year 2020

Didn't expect this #recognition coming my way! Heartfelt #gratitude to CONTRACTSANDFREELANCE & Hemraj Singh Vishwakarma for the #inspiration and hard work in putting this together. Happy to be featured as one of the 100 #LinkedIn Persons of the year #India #2020.  the list of inspiring personalities on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Person Of The Year India 2020. The list is of inspiring personalities on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Person Of The Year India... Continue Reading →

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Featured: 1 of 150 Global Women Thought Leaders

It fills me with immense #happiness and #gratitude to be featured as one of the top 150 #Women Thought #Leaders of the world 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thanks much Thinkers360 for this humbling experience! 🙏🏼 https://www.thinkers360.com/150-women-b2b-thought-leaders-you-should-follow-in-2021/ Link to the honour I received through Thinkers360 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/thinkers360_special-report-150-women-b2b-thought-leaders-activity-6733094449343209472-vp2B

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Questions while applying for a job

#Companies have their own methods of recruiting the right people and yet, in my opinion, certain methods may not be very conducive. I know for one as I'm actively looking out for the right role. What I see during the process is a stepping stone for bias. While applying, I see there are several drop-downs that... Continue Reading →

People & Business Transformations

Most times it is perceived that #businesstransformations are all about #technology. Well, I would say, #transformation is all about #people! Technology aides in the process, the end result and also in realisation of benefits. #Business#change and transformation of any magnitude is possible only when technology and people come together to make it happen. Changes and #transformations are a journey that involve the much needed work... Continue Reading →

New Avatar

Look what has changed! It's our very own LET ME LISTEN Something I tried my hands on and could come up with colours I #love. I am a person who thinks in terms of the #Soul.And a Soul has no gender! This post is out there to create awareness and a humane connection and I'm totally with... Continue Reading →

Upwards it is!

When #life doesn't seem to go our way, all we can do is #trust the process. When I thought I hit the rock bottom, I sat with the feeling for a few days. I understood that it was trying to teach me something. When I looked closely, it was about learning my lessons. I quickly changed my #mindset and thanked what... Continue Reading →

Ranked: 3rd in Mental Health category

What happens when we send out the right energies to the #Universe?  The Universe sends them back to us in ways unknown to us. I'm honoured to be featured yet again on Thinkers360 under the #MentalHealth category.And this time I'm happy to say I ranked third. As a life #coach, I often deal with people who need help in terms of... Continue Reading →

It is OKAY not to be OKAY

Oftentimes we overlook the fact that #happiness is an inside job. In our third episode of our three part Podcast series, Vidya Banjan and I discuss just that. Here's where we talk about having the right people in our circle, how negativity affects the mind, how we can create a positive outlook and what lessons await us in life.... Continue Reading →

There’s always a way

Sometimes in life we see fog everywhere. So thick that there's almost zero visibility. This could make us feel frightened, confused, anxious and uncertain to say the least. The path may even appear as a dead-end. More often than not, we start doubting ourselves at this point. However, there is a way. There's always a... Continue Reading →

Setting Boundaries

Well, I have always been at the giving end. I love and enjoy being that way. While I have done that for years and years, in certain instances, even to a fault, I have only now realized that it is essential to fill my own energy levels too. Drawing a line to conserve my own... Continue Reading →

Work-Life learning

You know, there's a thin line between professional and personal lives. Both are interdependent and linked. We have the potential to learn from our personal lives and apply that knowledge in our professional World and vice versa. Have you ever wondered that our family acts as a team. A team that has a collective set... Continue Reading →

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