A dear friend recently asked me a question that made me travel deep inside. It was about the connection between our Mind, Body and Soul. When I delved upon it, I could gather insights through reflection. Per the Upanishads – Our mind is finite. Our body is also finite. Whereas, our soul is infinite. The... Continue Reading →


Thoughts. A million thoughts. A million F*$#^!g thoughts a minute! That’s what happens in my head. To top it all, they are almost the same – topics, people, things and events. It could be the same with you as well. Most of these thoughts are triggers. What are triggers, you ask? They are blood draining... Continue Reading →

A break from the outside world

A month has passed… The inner voices were growing stronger by the day & I had to give in to them.I consciously took a #break from all of social media on 18th May with minimum/no interaction with people. #People mean a lot to me and yet I learnt I had to help myself first before I could help them... Continue Reading →

Idea time :)

Okay, time for some serious (or so called) talk. I write a lot. And I get unrealistic ideas and #thoughts too sometimes. Yes, I'm weird that way and I love it. That's who I am. Some of my best #ideas come while I'm taking bath or when I'm just about to sleep. Perhaps because my #mind is calm and since it... Continue Reading →

Mental health & well-being

Well, no two days are the same. Let's accept it. if it is the same for you, please let me know how you so.The are days we feel low and days that are simply bright and beautiful. What you do on those days you feel down matters more than what you do on days you... Continue Reading →


There's a thin line between self esteem and ego. Self esteem is linked to our self worth and value. It is what drives us to achieve. Whereas ego is self esteem with attachment and ignorance.The way forward is to become self aware and exercise detachment. Ego is of the mind and body. Our souls have... Continue Reading →

6 months of #learning

The last 6 months have been transformative! Four things that I changed in myself that made this #transition faster, easier and better: 1. I made a list of all that I want to do and what all resources I have/need to achieve it. I learnt I had it all in me. 2. To take things... Continue Reading →

Diversity & Inclusion

This world is as diverse as it could get. Aren't we all unique? Aren't we all diverse - Differences in socio-economic status, gender, interests, languages, demography, ethnicity, color? The list goes on. It is within these lines of diversity that we need to understand that we are still connected to each other at the core,... Continue Reading →

I am here to listen…

#LetMeListen All of us feel driven, action minded, excited and more about an idea or a thought which we wish to bring to some shape. The same way, we all have a pensive time, anxious feeling, a low phase; sometimes for no apparent reason. Both scenarios are different but yet on some level, the same... Continue Reading →

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