Work-Life learning

You know, there's a thin line between professional and personal lives. Both are interdependent and linked. We have the potential to learn from our personal lives and apply that knowledge in our professional World and vice versa. Have you ever wondered that our family acts as a team. A team that has a collective set... Continue Reading →

URJA Launch

#URJA is a 5 day #campaign I intend to launch with the idea of 1. Helping you uncover yourself2. Declutter your mind3. Unentangle from your limiting beliefs This 5 day campaign will #empower you to step into your innate power and become more self aware in the process. #letmelisten#selfawareness#awareness#life#wellbeing#abundance

Career growth

As I see it, there are two types of #career growth. And, I like to call them - Vertical & Horizontal. By Vertical, I mean those people who grow by being in the same #domain for years, some even becoming SMEs in the process. They might upskill themselves in Tech or domain knowledge. They could perhaps have great industry... Continue Reading →

Beach and its lessons

The #beach has always taught me some of the best lessons in life. Many shrores of #India have scores of coconut trees; lanky with a beautiful crown on top. Sea shores are known for gusty winds that blow.So heavy that it can sometimes blow away the heaviest of objects that come in their way. The winds carry enough and... Continue Reading →

Featured: 1 of Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers – Future of Work

Humbled yet again 🌌🙏🏼 Thinkers360 has ranked me one among 50 top thought leaders in the Future of Work category 🙏🏼#Grateful. Thank you! I consider it a privilege to be featured with other global leaders in this domain. Congratulations to the other Thought Leaders. Here's the post: #futureofwork#corporateworkplace#hr#letmelisten#thoughtleadership#womenleadership

Shadow and Light

Where there is #light, there is a #shadow. Period. We all have our own light. The light that guides us is within us as well. The same way, we all have a darker side too. The shadow. This shadow is as much a part of us as the light is. We have nothing to fear and nothing... Continue Reading →

What book format do you prefer?

A few days ago I had posted a poll about #book preferences. A whopping 57% of people globally prefer #paperback and a little over 20% prefer #hardcover. Surprisingly, there was a neck to neck battle between #ebook and #audio book formats. With an increase in audio platforms and a growing audience that loves to listen while they work on something else, the audio book... Continue Reading →


A dear friend recently asked me a question that made me travel deep inside. It was about the connection between our Mind, Body and Soul. When I delved upon it, I could gather insights through reflection. Per the Upanishads – Our mind is finite. Our body is also finite. Whereas, our soul is infinite. The... Continue Reading →


Thoughts. A million thoughts. A million F*$#^!g thoughts a minute! That’s what happens in my head. To top it all, they are almost the same – topics, people, things and events. It could be the same with you as well. Most of these thoughts are triggers. What are triggers, you ask? They are blood draining... Continue Reading →

A break from the outside world

A month has passed… The inner voices were growing stronger by the day & I had to give in to them.I consciously took a #break from all of social media on 18th May with minimum/no interaction with people. #People mean a lot to me and yet I learnt I had to help myself first before I could help them... Continue Reading →

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