The stillness in me

Mind waters; Mind wanders.It has been stirred; stirred so deepThe ripples don’t seem to stop.New scatterings, new settlements, new hues;Bringing in fresh perspectives, fresh choices, fresh flavours.But I long for the waters to be stillWish for the Universe to cause an effect to calm it.A stillness.To show my true reflection in it.

A life of fulfilment

We all aspire to reach a state where we find our lives enriched and fulfilled. Isn't it? However, do we clearly know what would make our lives satisfying? How about we backtrack this? Let us do a small exercise - Pretend you already have all that you need/want. Now, how do you visualize this? What... Continue Reading →

Mind matters!

We don't live in palaces, bungalows or flats. We live in our minds. Yes, that's our permanent residence. Won't you agree? Our mind is either our biggest friend or our greatest enemy. However, the good news is that our mind can be trained. Trained to bring in discretion, to understand what's good for our growth... Continue Reading →

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