Work-Life learning

You know, there's a thin line between professional and personal lives. Both are interdependent and linked. We have the potential to learn from our personal lives and apply that knowledge in our professional World and vice versa. Have you ever wondered that our family acts as a team. A team that has a collective set... Continue Reading →

It is always the darkest before dawn

Getting into the flow has its own share of ups and downs. #2020 taught me to go with the #flow. I learnt to listen to my heart, my inner voice and the #Universe more. It has given me tremendous results 🌌🙏🏼 All I can say is, trust the flow. Take things as they come by and believe that... Continue Reading →

If you can't go out, go within

From time immemorial we have lived in tribes. That's how we've evolved. That's who we are! We are now at a juncture in life where a social being is asked to stay indoors. How did we arrive at this kind of a situation is a totally different discussion altogether. And yet, we are here. And... Continue Reading →

Purpose of life

I'm sure there will be a point in time in everybody's life when the question of purpose of life comes up. I have been through that phase and I can tell you that this question goes deep - it rattles the mind and shakes the very soul. I believe I have figured out mine. So... Continue Reading →

A life of fulfilment

We all aspire to reach a state where we find our lives enriched and fulfilled. Isn't it? However, do we clearly know what would make our lives satisfying? How about we backtrack this? Let us do a small exercise - Pretend you already have all that you need/want. Now, how do you visualize this? What... Continue Reading →

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