Featured: 1 of 100 LinkedIn Persons of the Year 2020

Didn't expect this #recognition coming my way! Heartfelt #gratitude to CONTRACTSANDFREELANCE & Hemraj Singh Vishwakarma for the #inspiration and hard work in putting this together. Happy to be featured as one of the 100 #LinkedIn Persons of the year #India #2020.  the list of inspiring personalities on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Person Of The Year India 2020. The list is of inspiring personalities on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Person Of The Year India... Continue Reading →

Being a co-author is a different high!

To see my name printed as a co-author is something totally different! Yes, you read it right! I had the honour of being a part of the first book #humansfirst is publishing. YOU BELONG HERE. #Humansfirst lives that line - #youbelonghere. Changing the dynamics of the #workplace and #leadership to put #peoplefirst. This my #tribe. My growing tribe! #yourvibeattractsyourtribe The book is available on... Continue Reading →

Featured: 1 of 150 Global Women Thought Leaders

It fills me with immense #happiness and #gratitude to be featured as one of the top 150 #Women Thought #Leaders of the world 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thanks much Thinkers360 for this humbling experience! 🙏🏼 https://www.thinkers360.com/150-women-b2b-thought-leaders-you-should-follow-in-2021/ Link to the honour I received through Thinkers360 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/thinkers360_special-report-150-women-b2b-thought-leaders-activity-6733094449343209472-vp2B


A dear friend recently asked me a question that made me travel deep inside. It was about the connection between our Mind, Body and Soul. When I delved upon it, I could gather insights through reflection. Per the Upanishads – Our mind is finite. Our body is also finite. Whereas, our soul is infinite. The... Continue Reading →

Who am I really?

Of late, I’m getting messages from many sides which is in sync with my inner voices. The Q&A sessions they have are astounding – questions my inner voices have and the profound messages I receive. Funny at times. What a blissful feeling that! I got into a state of flow recently and then I found... Continue Reading →

At the end of the day

At the end of the day all that matters is; here are my 10 points:1. How you behave when you have everything.2. How you behave when you have nothing.3. How well you handle ups and downs – the lessons of life.4. How you treat all beings you come across.5. How strong you are and how... Continue Reading →


Thoughts. A million thoughts. A million F*$#^!g thoughts a minute! That’s what happens in my head. To top it all, they are almost the same – topics, people, things and events. It could be the same with you as well. Most of these thoughts are triggers. What are triggers, you ask? They are blood draining... Continue Reading →

Memoir – My dad, my Superhero!

#happyfathersday About two months before I lost my #dad I had this great urge to write a #poem. It was a gnawing feeling inside. I titled my poem, ‘My dad my #Superhero!’Every time I felt like writing, I was in tears. I couldn’t go past the title. Little did I know I would lose him shortly. After a year... Continue Reading →

The wonderful world of books!

Ever since I was a high school kid, I’ve wanted to write a book. Let me admit here that I’ve always been a clumsy, messy, weird and crazy person. I still am! So as a teenager I envisioned myself writing my autobiography at 60 and call it ‘Me & my great brain!’ with the tagline... Continue Reading →

A break from the outside world

A month has passed… The inner voices were growing stronger by the day & I had to give in to them.I consciously took a #break from all of social media on 18th May with minimum/no interaction with people. #People mean a lot to me and yet I learnt I had to help myself first before I could help them... Continue Reading →

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