Setting Boundaries

Well, I have always been at the giving end. I love and enjoy being that way.

While I have done that for years and years, in certain instances, even to a fault, I have only now realized that it is essential to fill my own energy levels too.

Drawing a line to conserve my own time, energy and interest was a tough call.

It came with its own set of further learning which was to take notice of how I was making the other person feel while I did my best to accommodate their interests as I went about taking care of myself.

This was huge.
In the long run it paved the way for a healthier relationship both professionally and personally.

I learnt to treat my space with love and tenderness just as I would, the one I was helping.

Accommodating others didn’t mean giving them your all.
Maybe it is required at times and for a period of time.

However, burning yourself out in the process is a strict No-No.
Gradually, I learnt to set #boundaries and chalk out what works best for them and I, without either of us having to compromise.

#Settingboundaries doesn’t in any way mean denigrate the other person. It means you are treating yourself the way you wish to treat or help others.

#letmelisten #mentalhealth #wellness #help #love #selfcare #life

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