It is OKAY not to be OKAY

Oftentimes we overlook the fact that #happiness is an inside job.

In our third episode of our three part Podcast series, Vidya Banjan and I discuss just that.

Here’s where we talk about having the right people in our circle, how negativity affects the mind, how we can create a positive outlook and what lessons await us in life.

This is where we stress upon having meaningful #connections who one can fall back on in times of need.

As the saying goes – Sometimes all it takes is a cup of coffee with a good friend.

The episode touches upon topics where we encourage people to talk it out, share and know that they are loved.

I like the way Vidya told me once, “It is perfectly ok to be NOT okay”.

It made a lot of sense then. It makes a lot more sense now.

Stay tuned to know more about ways of increasing positivity in our lives!

Can’t wait to listen to us talk?
Here’s the link 🙂

#letmelisten #mentalhealth #wellness #podcasts #podcastseries #wellbeing

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