Shadow and Light

Where there is #light, there is a #shadow. Period.

We all have our own light. The light that guides us is within us as well.

The same way, we all have a darker side too. The shadow.

This shadow is as much a part of us as the light is.

We have nothing to fear and nothing to hide.

Each of us are fighting our own internal battles with the shadow. It sometimes surfaces out of nowhere and at certain times we realise and understand what triggers it.

Facing our shadow is what is the most terrifying act we could do!

And yet, that’s the most rewarding; of course once we accept it and understand that ‘darkness’.

#Shadows don’t go away overnight. Neither do they go away completely. At least not all of them.

It’s a continuous battle. And that’s why we are here, isn’t it? To face our shadows fearlessly – Not driven by hate, regret or guilt. It is #transformation in progress.

Each time we face our shadow, we level up, gain a new weapon and perhaps a new challenge as well.

The biggest challenge is – Are you ready to face your shadow?

I’ve been through more than one Transformation. More often than not, it is about confronting or accepting our shadows.

And each time I do so, I feel liberated πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŒ


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