Launching book cover photo

Wait, did I hear #book cover photo?

Well, here it is!

I am delighted to share my second book’s cover page with you all.

I am glad to have written it with my best buddy, Vidya Banjan ðŸ™‚

With plenty of tools in place, this book is a ready reckoner which can immediately be put to use to move towards greater #wellbeing.

#Changes#Transitions & #Transformations are a part of #life and may cause turbulent waves.

This book acts as a #journal as well, containing detailed methods of overcoming the odds so that one can surf through these waves easily.

It showcases how ordinary people can also lead an extraordinary life when they start believing in themselves & awaken to the lessons the transformations teach them.

This book is for all those who seek answers to, the why, what and how of life’s changes.

The two cover photos are because Amazon doesn’t allow India paperback through KDP. so India version (Orange one) and the rest of the world (Blue one) have different covers.

#letmelisten #authors #Bookwriting #writing #storytelling #publishing #mentalhealth #wellness #gratitude


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