Launched my second book!

It has been quite a #journey.

My first #book taught me few lessons of life while I set myself to write it.

My second book taught me whole new set of lessons!

The lessons include going with the flow and allowing things to unfold as they are meant to.

Everything happens at the right time.

This book has further taught me more about my #emotions and inner voices. It has been a healing process in itself.
It was a similar case for my co author Vidya Banjan.

Like I always say, book writing is a spiritual process.

If there’s an inner voice to write a book, I’d suggest you go ahead with it. The Universe wants you to speak out. It is a part of your process of growth.
Trust it.

End of last year I set an intention for this year and the book – To launch it in Feb 2021 and we did!

The book is now LIVE!! Please find the links in the comments section.

#letmelisten #books #mentalhealth #selfawareness #intention #publishing #authors #energy

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