Highlights of 2020

Personally, 2020 brought with it a set of lessons that I needed to learn. With its highs and lows, the year has left me richer with wisdom & renewed sense of belongingness. I am #grateful for all that I have learnt (still learning…) and became this year.I feel truly blessed. 2020 was not completely bad of you look carefully. 2020 was like the million failures we face in our lifetime. 2020 was an eye opener to the world of humanity. 2020 was the year that taught us to come together. To stand by each other and to express love without any expectations. Life is but uncertain. And uncertainty teaches us to just BE. To go with the flow. To pause, reflect and realise.


1.     Videos – 30 videos on YouTube with 400+ views from over a dozen countries

2.     Podcast – 26 audios available on 7 platforms hosted on Anchor with more than 300 plays and 418 minutes of content over 14 episodes watched globally

3.     LinkedIn – Grew connections organically from 500+ to 2500+ in 12 months

4.     Webinar – Interactive webinar sessions on LinkedIn Content Strategy, LinkedIn Profile optimization & WordPress blog site creation with over 20 participants

5.     3 Publications – Featured contributor at Bizcatalyst 360. Regular contributor to Thrive Global (Ariana Huffington’s venture), Medium & WordPress Blog sites.

6.     Interview – AntWak & Linda Vettrus-Nichols interviewed me on my soul journey & solopreneur journey respectively

7.     Featured in Industry Inspire Talks as an entrepreneur and thought leader

8.     Ranked 28 out of 100 top content writers in India
Ranked 4 in a group of 10 top global influencers on Thinkers360 under the Mental Health category.
Ranked 6 in a group of 10 top global influencers on Thinkers360 under the Health & wellbeing category.

9.     Featured as one of 150 global women thought leaders to follow in 2021 Featured as one of LinkedIn Persons of the year 2020 (India)

10.  Global video campaigns – Was invited to be a part of Part of 3 global campaigns – Peace, Kindness and HOPEFEST360

11.  Let Me Listen – Created and Collaborated a video campaign with 10 global leaders on Intentions – The importance of intentions and setting them.

12.  Through Let Me Listen, I have coached and mentored over 30 people on a holistic living which empowered them to grow into their best!

13.  Led and Hosted 2 HumansFirst Asia calls with global audience

14.  The content on LinkedIn has had 34 trending posts and one with over 2 lakh views in a period of 11 months. And the trending topics were mental health, vulnerability, people, storytelling, self awareness, recruiters, book, fear, coach, goals, personal branding

15.  BOOKS:
My Memoir, ‘A Daughter’s First Love: Dad’ made more than 150 sales in the first 2 months of its release. It is available globally in paperback & ebook formats.
As a co-author along with 31 other global leaders, I contributed to ‘You Belong Here: HumansFirst Stories’ – available worldwide. This was spearheaded by Teresa Quinlan and Mike Vacanti

16.  Speaking opportunity – Was one of 5 speakers or storytellers at the 6th Global WORTHY rally: Kindness & Hope conducted by Andrea Sanchez

     17. Completed 9 courses and certifications to upskill in areas of interest.


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