2020 – A year that was!

Anything discussed about #2020 will be insufficient, isn’t it?

The year brought with it an amazing thrust of #energy and eagerness to achieve.

I started the year with Louise Neil‘s post which was about choosing a word to describe or set an intention for 2020.
I chose #BELIEVE.

True to it, the months that followed was filled with belief. A new lease of #hope and #beliefs that ‘This too shall pass’ and life will be back to being ‘Normal’ again.

The #NewNormal‘ was in vogue too.

Few #ideas#thoughts and #intentions grew to be global movements of sorts – WorkFromHome became a norm & a necessity, #people went out of their way to help each other and the world became one close knit #family!

My heart goes out to all those who have suffered losses this year.
It took a #pandemic to make us realise the essence and core of #Humanity!

As I always say, #WeAreAllConnectedAndTogetherWeGrow!
We realised this further more during the pandemic.

Personally, 2020 brought with it a set of lessons that I needed to learn.
With its highs and lows, the year has left me richer with wisdom & renewed sense of belongingness.

I am #grateful for all that I have learnt (still learning…) and became this year.I feel truly blessed.

2020 was not completely bad of you look carefully.

2020 was like the million failures we face in our lifetime.

2020 was an eye opener to the world of humanity.

2020 was the year that taught us to come together.

To stand by each other and to express love without any expectations.

Life is but uncertain. And uncertainty teaches us to just BE. To go with the flow. To pause, reflect and realise.

Let the new year bring with it hashtag#joy, hashtag#love hashtag#contentment and hashtag#abundance to all 🌌🙏🏼

Usher in the new. Let go of the old.

#humansfirst #letmelisten #gratitude #life #missiontogetherness

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