Who am I really?

Of late, I’m getting messages from many sides which is in sync with my inner voices. The Q&A sessions they have are astounding – questions my inner voices have and the profound messages I receive. Funny at times. What a blissful feeling that!

I got into a state of flow recently and then I found my magic while in stillness which has allowed me to access my power zone with superb ease.

Coming to think of it, I’ve been wondering about the energies a lot since Feb this year. They have made me ponder upon the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies within me.

I have made peace with them both and now consciously access what energy I need at a given point in time. I’m grateful for that.

The energies I could understand, feel, and access are:

1. Divine Feminine – Create, nurture, grow, resilience, awareness, flow, manifest, warm, light, connections, warrior and love. It is mainly ENERGY.

2. Divine Masculine – Strength, courage, light, influence, inspire, impact, strategy, drive, ideas, humour, freedom, warrior and power. It is mainly MATTER.

In short, I see these forces as a combination of Energy (F) and Matter (M) which when accessed can help us set the right intentions and manifest all that we want.

So who am I really? I am getting to know…

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