A million thoughts.

A million F*$#^!g thoughts a minute!

That’s what happens in my head. To top it all, they are almost the same – topics, people, things and events. It could be the same with you as well.

Most of these thoughts are triggers. What are triggers, you ask? They are blood draining memories that let you bleed until the very last drop.

These triggers are the ones you need to handle or manage. They cannot be suppressed. In fact, the more you suppress, I mean, the more effort you put into driving away that thought, the more enlarged the event appears in your head and the more deep rooted your trigger becomes. Been there, done that. Jeopardizes your entire mental state.

Now, who would want that, right? Talking about state of mind, it is only by altering our state of mind that we can handle or manage these triggers. 

And how do we do that, you ask? It is by constantly reminding ourselves that these are our past and have no semblance to what our present and future hold for us. In fact, it is these events that have shaped us the way we are now.

The way forward? Let the thoughts come by. Acknowledge them and allow them to pass. Be grateful for, it all happened. There’s nothing more you could’ve done then and not that it’s in your control now. 

These triggers and memories associated with them are your lessons. Take them in your stride and grow.

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