Idea time :)

Okay, time for some serious (or so called) talk.

I write a lot. And I get unrealistic ideas and #thoughts too sometimes. Yes, I’m weird that way and I love it. That’s who I am.

Some of my best #ideas come while I’m taking bath or when I’m just about to sleep.

Perhaps because my #mind is calm and since it slows down, I allow the best of ideas to come to me.

My idea of #innovation would be to have a book or a writing pad close to me which is – waterproof or has a small light as the situation would demand.

Further, it should have other features like audio to text (on phone I use Evernote), ability to cling on to the tiled wall etc.

I would love to see such an object soon. Or if you know of such a thing, do drop the link in the comments.

#letmelisten #journaling #product

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