We have been slighted, our dreams curbed.

Our morale is rendered low & vision blurred.

Our progress shunted, growth denied/delayed.

Oh! The numerous games people have played.

The times we have been called names, used & abused.

Our power and shine they seem to have reduced.

What we can or cannot do, we’ve been told.

Well, now is the time for our wings to unfold.

For, no longer are we taking it all sitting down.

As magic happens when we wear our crown.

We can create, love and live fully.

In our own strength we must believe truly.

The time has now come to stand up for ourselves & others if need be.

For, we are more capable than we think, act or believe.

Break the shackles in the mind and heart.

You are more than what you are now, c’mon play your part.

Look deeply within & your heart says “You’ve got this!”

In you is where you’ll find your Bliss.

We have flown high, climbed mountains, swam deep; & more we achieve.

Our glow, shine and glory is for us to keep; our lives let us weave.

#thetimeisnow #letmelisten #selfawareness #internationalwomensday #womanhood #wecan #woman #iwd2020

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