Humans are hoarders

Let us accept the fact that humans are hoarders (unlike other animals).

Right from the time we were hunter-gatherers to the present day, we have been hoarding stuff. We store food for the next day’s consumption and thus the fridge was invented. We love to store extra supplies and hence came the concept of cupboards & cabinets.

While it isn’t wrong to store things, it certainly isn’t right to hoard in surplus, what’s not needed for immediate or early usage.

Coming to the point of supermarkets going empty of toilet paper & sanitizers, I cannot fathom the paranoia around this. If we need it, others may need it too. There’s no way out unless we all stand together connected and help each other through this crisis.

Operating from a state of lack and fear will only make us weak.The way forward is for us to be kind, compassionate, helpful to others and thankful for all that we have got.

So, the next time you see supplies at the store, don’t buy them all. Remember, somebody else needs them too.

#grateful #humanlife #pandemic #fear #panic #humanity #westandtogether #letmelisten #aware #HumansFirst

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