Purpose of life

I’m sure there will be a point in time in everybody’s life when the question of purpose of life comes up. I have been through that phase and I can tell you that this question goes deep – it rattles the mind and shakes the very soul. I believe I have figured out mine.

So here’s my story; for years I was searching. Searching everywhere, in everyone, in everything. For what? I wasn’t too sure. I felt incomplete; a sense of lacuna. Of what? I had not much idea. But somehow the feeling of completeness was amiss. I wasn’t satisfied with many of my accomplishments in life. However, the Universe had a better plan for me. All I needed to do was to simply trust it, fully. A couple of years and many a debacle later, I had no choice but to believe in myself and trust the Universe to show me my path. Months of deep soul searching later, I found my true calling – to help people grow. People, known and strangers alike have always come to me for help; whatever maybe the kind of help sought. I have always stood by them, helped them out to the extent possible & sometimes even beyond. In turn, I’ve always felt happy and satisfied. I understood that this perhaps is my inner strength – my purpose – to help people grow into their best!
I have learnt many things through the process – different perspectives, values, beliefs and in general of how people react to situations. By this, I began to understand who I truly am! It was as profound as the line from the movie, The Lion King, “Simba, Remember who you are!“. I understood further more that I am just like my dad – he would go out of his way to help people. A chip of the old block that I am, I now learnt I too have it in me!
Slowly many opportunities, choices, like minded network etc. started showing up for me. It felt as though the time was just right. Right for me to take up my calling as a plan of action to empower as many people as possible to grow into their best. The underlying belief being – We are all connected and shall grow together.
That being the case, I take this opportunity to inform you all about my website, http://www.letmelisten.in which will act as a platform for anyone seeking help on various fronts. I’m happy to help!


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