Feed your soul

It is enchanting to know how our physical self is linked to the spiritual self through an ‘entity’, if I may call, the soul.
This ‘soul’ forms an internal part of any being. I’m sure most agree that souls transcend physical bodies for various periods of time in various forms. I opine, it’s meant for a reason – the reason may be as frivolous as eking a small living to something as profound as creating a revolution or changing the world!

I believe this depends on how far the soul has traveled in the spiritual time lines. This makes it interesting to point to my argument that we all have both physical as well as spiritual urges. It becomes imperative that, as humans (I can at this point only talk about humans though I feel all living beings experience this) we need to satisfy both these urges.

I further believe that the physical urge can still be controlled at least for some time but the spiritual urge is more soul stirring and cannot be satiated easily.

This is where we must think deeper within ourselves to find what it takes to satisfy our soul. I think physical urge changes over time, however, our soul’s needs are more or less constant. To satisfy this soul, our brain tries to do everything it can to fill the void; sometimes it defies logic as it does not wait for an ROI, the very act is satisfying.

Simply put, this claim I’m making about the urge is that thought that comes to your mind time and again, for ages, that doesn’t allow you to stay in peace! In the sense that it calls for more meaning to your life. To an extent where you can even term or as your purpose of life!

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