Mind matters!

We don’t live in palaces, bungalows or flats. We live in our minds. Yes, that’s our permanent residence. Won’t you agree?

Our mind is either our biggest friend or our greatest enemy. However, the good news is that our mind can be trained. Trained to bring in discretion, to understand what’s good for our growth and what’s not. But, the choice is ours.

Many times, due to an oversight, we develop perceptions deterring our growth. Well, in such a situation, it is a good idea to slow down, watch where our life is going, recognize what is wrong and take corrective actions. Always remember one thing – all that we need is already within us.

A good coach will be able to throw light upon areas where you are stuck so that you can see the bigger scheme of things – the bright side of life. After all, life is good.

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